Hey! I'm Sam. Welcome to my blog! I love doing nail art, but I have lots of other hobbies too, including making polymer clay jewelry, playing ukulele and papercrafting.

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So, nail vinyls are HUGE right now. I know there’s already zigzags, right angles, straight lines… lots of basic stuff that’s a dime a dozen. Those are cool, but what about something a bit… different?

Is there a shape you’ve been wishing you could find in nail vinyl form but it just doesn’t seem to exist? Please let me know your ideas/wishes either by sending me an ask or a note. I may possibly have an opportunity in the future to create and sell nail vinyls and I want to know what the people are looking for. Thanks!

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been dealing with a lot of health issues, especially mental health, and I have just not felt up to doing nail art (or at least, anything interesting and unique enough for this blog).

In the meantime, Droo (the one who bought me all the Seche Vite, among a zillion other things) got me a set of MASH nail art brushes, a brush cleaning cup, and a bunch of MASH stamping plates! :D So when I get back into the groove, I should have a bunch of really neat stuff. I still need to get the hang of stamping, though. Everyone makes it look so easy. :( Oh well, try, try again!

Anyway, I will try to get back on track soon. See you guys then! :) <3

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My friend Droo just said that the way to my heart is through my nails. :) So true. You buy me nail polish or other nail art supplies, and I will flail. Anyone else the same way?

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Here&#8217;s the surprise - galaxy costume makeup to match my nails! This picture showed off both best, so I decided to use it. I took a couple other pictures, but they&#8217;ll be in the video that I&#8217;m waiting on to finish processing. When the video&#8217;s done (it&#8217;s a sped up, choppy showing of all the work I did over that hour) I&#8217;ll post it here as well. Hope you guys like it! :)

Here’s the surprise - galaxy costume makeup to match my nails! This picture showed off both best, so I decided to use it. I took a couple other pictures, but they’ll be in the video that I’m waiting on to finish processing. When the video’s done (it’s a sped up, choppy showing of all the work I did over that hour) I’ll post it here as well. Hope you guys like it! :)

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Those of you who liked my galaxy nails are in for an extra treat tonight, hopefully within the next few hours. If the video is taking too long, I’ll just post the pictures so I can share it with you! :) It’s really, really cool!

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I’ve decided to nix the 31-Day Nail Art Challenge. I think, strangely enough, it was holding me back creatively. I’ve felt sort of constrained by it and I really don’t like it, especially because I wasn’t finding a lot of the topics to be very inspiring (took me FOREVER to get through the colors!). Also… I was DREADING the water marbling day. I’ll probably try it again someday in the future when I’m feeling more ambitious, but every time I’ve tried to do it so far over the last couple years, I’ve totally failed.

BUT! I do have Seche Vite again, and TONS of it, thanks to my lovely friend Droo (yes, that’s how we spell his name, don’t ask) getting me the Seche Vite refill kit as one of my (MANY!) birthday presents. :) That kit has 9 bottles worth of Seche Vite Dry-Fast top coat for the price of less than two! I highly recommend it to anyone who does nail art, or just really really loves Seche Vite.

So this means I can get back to doing nail art a lot more frequently. And, even better news, I have a few designs saved up that I haven’t posted yet! I’ll be getting on that right now, no joke. Stay tuned! <3

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I’ve added an “about me” page with some more detailed information about me. Well, a short little ramble about the kinds of things I like to do, then a list of my favorite things, but hey, it’s better than what I had before in the sidebar! Click here to go check it out, if you’d like.

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Here’s another makeup post… I had serious insomnia through the night and eventually I decided to bust out the makeup bag and mess around. This was the result. I had to Photoshop it for saturation because the camera washed out all the colors really badly :(

Products used:

I may be out of top coat, but I think I can actually post a couple new designs for the 31 challenge here soon! Like… within the next hour! :D So, watch out for that!

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I’ve had a personal Amazon wishlist for a while now, but it reached capacity the other day and I decided to organize and separate it into more specific lists. One of the largest lists turned out to be for nails - polish, decals, brushes, tools, and anything else having to do with nail art. I thought I might as well share it here with my followers! The link will always be on my blog’s layout as well.

The great thing about an Amazon wishlist is you can buy something for the author of the list without having to get their address or anything. It’s a completely safe method of buying a gift for someone who you might not otherwise be able to buy a gift for (due to them maybe not wanting to share their address with you quite yet). It also means that because the item is on their wishlist, it’s definitely something that will make them happy!

Nail art is an expensive hobby, and I’m not in a position right now where I can always do it on a regular basis. If you buy me something from the list, it can be your little way of contributing to me continuing this hobby and having more art to share here with you. :)

For anyone who buys me something, I’ll take a request for a specific nail art idea, or tutorial, or whatever else you can think of that fits within the topic of nail art! It’s the least I can do as a thank-you.

I’m not necessarily expecting anybody to get me anything, but since I’ve got the list, I figure I may as well share it here.

Anyways, again, sorry about all the delay… I still don’t have white nail polish so I’m behind on the 31 day challenge majorly :( Even once I get it, I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the theme “black and white.” The first section of the challenge is so difficult because the themes are vague, being mostly just colors. Not so inspiring. :\ Ah well, I’ll figure it out somehow…

Anyway, stay tuned! I hope to be back to normal schedule REALLY soon!

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I think I’m gonna call her Captain Rainbow.

Not sure what her superpower is, but her occupation is definitely defeating homophobia.

I do really strange things in my spare time, clearly.

Here’s some makeup I randomly did the other night… I know there was a tiny bit of interest in me posting makeup looks on this blog on occasion, so I thought I’d reblog it from my main blog to share it here. :) It’s mostly made from eyeliners and eyeshadows. Just something I threw together on a whim, totally improvised, as I was Skyping with my girlfriend. It was a fun! (Fun fact: my “cape” is just my black hoodie flipped with the arms tied around my neck. I couldn’t find my costume cape and my gf suggested it. BRILLIANT!)

I know, I know, it’s filler, where’s the nail art?! I promise I’ll get back on board soon. The major issue is getting out and buying a few colors of nail polish that are HUGELY necessary, especially white since the next challenge on the list is black and white. Also, since my ring finger nail broke on my photographing hand, my nails are still relatively short :(

I’ve been doing some nail art in between though… I know I said I didn’t want to skip days in the challenge originally, but would you guys rather I share some of that in the meantime? I only have pictures of one of the manicures I did but I think it’s pretty cute. I’m also working on something right now for an event on Sunday, but it’s pretty basic and sort of a rehash of something I already did so I may or may not post it depending on how well it turns out.

One thing I cantell you is if you’re doing tape manis, you should TOTALLY switch to painter’s tape. You know, the blue masking tape used when painting walls and they want to get a clean line separating colors? :D I’m using it right now to do stripes on my nails, and it made the process SO much easier. It also sticks much better and tighter on the nail, removes more cleanly… I had to do a TINY bit of touch-ups with the edges not being totally perfect, but man, that seriously just made my life so much easier.

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